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Scenta+'s plus-size bottle holds up to 100 ml of essential oil. With the latest cold diffusion technology, Scenta+ converts essential oil into nano vapor to approximately 1-3 microns without using heat or water, maintaining its therapeutic properties for easier absorption into the body. It is much easier, more hygienic and safer.


The Scenta + Waterless Diffuser is compact enough for you to fit it into your car cup holders so that you may take it with you wherever you go. As it is compatible with the majority of essential oils available, it gives you the freedom to choose from a wide range of fragrances that soothe you, relax you, or refresh you in a variety of situations. 


Enjoy the Scenta + Waterless Diffuser with the scent of your choice! Choose from any of our 8 different captivating scents and enjoy the prefilled diffuser with 2oz of fragrance oil. 




Black Ambience (White Tea & Fig) exudes green floral notes and freshly steeped white and green tea (Envision stepping into the W Hotel)


Black Moscato emanates notes of peach, pineapple, and apple with a sugary vanilla base for a fruity and floral fragrance (Envision a glass of sweet moscato wine)


Black Man emanates notes of masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender and subtle florals followed by sandalwood and soothing musk (Envision a man stepping out of the shower)


Black Luxury exudes luxurious sandalwood, complemented by musk and spicy cardamom (Envision a spicy masculant scent inspired by West Elm & Restoration Hardware)


Black Excellence emanates notes of ocean breeze, mandarin, lavender, jasmin, black pepper, amber, patchouli, and with a touch of vanilla (Envision a sophisticated, captivating, and rich masculine scent with a feminine undertone)


Black Woman exudes seaweed, driftwood, Oud, juniper, myrtle, lavender, , lemon, olibanum, incense, complemented by vanilla, and vetiver (Envision a powerful, alluring, and enchanting feminine scent)


Black Rose exudes pink peppercorn, grapefruit, plum, black rose, cumin, vanilla, patchouli, and labdanum ( Envision a rich floral fragrance)


Black Essence emanates fresh white tea, thyme, and amber ( Envision stepping into a luxury hotel) 


Black Amber exudes vetiver and amber (Envision a clean warm and woodsy scent) 

(* Indicates premium scent with increase in pricing)

Scenta+ Waterless Diffuser

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